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Dragonflies class consists of pupils from years 5 and 6 and is taught by Mr Osborne and is supported by Mrs. Barber (HLTA), Mrs Jones (SEN) and Mrs Snowdon (SEN). Mr Osborne has a wealth of experience and a keen interest in sport. We currently have a student working  with us until Christmas.

Our  topic this term is: ‘Road Trip U.S.A.’

Dragonflies will be buzzing off to the USA. They will be enjoying the wonders of different locations and discovering lots about the amazing geography of this massive country. The children will learn about the cities and boundaries that make the USA what it is, alongside studying physical features such as rivers, canyons, mountains, deserts, waterfalls and so much more.

In artistic learning the children will focus on two very differing art styles – that of the Native Americans through looking specifically at totem pole art and comparing that to Pop Art!

We will touch on some of the historical aspects of American culture also. In science, forces provides the theme in which we will undertake as many comparative tests as we can.

Fractions, ratio and proportion form the main diet for our maths and English sees us enjoying contrasting texts about journeys. These will form the basis for much of our written work.

Homework info:-

 homework NOV-DEC 2017

Homework is due on:  13/11, 27/11 and 11/12.


Cornerstones long term curriculum plan:-

Cornerstones Long term Plan – 2016-2017 – DRAGONFLIES – CLASS 4

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