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Please support the Soudley Duck race and market this Saturday 17th June – this is something Margaret Still used to organise and was passionate about. Coming along and have some fun!

At the end of September Soudley School were very sad to learn of the passing of Margaret Still, an associate governor, ex Chair of Governors and most of all, friend.  Margaret was a huge inspiration and her knowledge and support were invaluable. The children were each given a flower from the many floral tributes  to Margaret, and spent a few minutes reflecting on their personal memories of her. She will be greatly missed at school and in the village.


Photograph with kind permission from The Review.

Soudley Blakeney Gateway

In November 2013, the children of Soudley School took part in the Peoples’ Millions Lottery campaign for the Soudley – Blakeney Community Gateway. This ‘gateway’ is a path that once ran alongside the brook, connecting the two villages . Over the years the path has become blocked and worn away – now the only connection is by a hilly, sometimes single track road. By opening the pathway, people in the communities would be able to  walk to the villages in safety and the fantastic heritage, woodland and wildlife would be more easily accessible.

The school council worked with members of the community and the Governing Body to raise the profile of the campaign and the whole school urged families and friends to vote.

Soudley was up against Frome; we have a population of 2144 whilst they have 25,000 so the campaign had to be good! The school took part in the filming for the campaign and appeared on the ITV news.

When it was announced that the Soudley Blakeney Gateway had won the vote, the children and community were overjoyed! They were able to see the contribution that each of us can do to make to change in our lives.

Now the work has started and we work to keep the project fresh in our minds. We entered the Taurus Craft Hearts competition – using the Gateway project as our theme.

Below are 2 examples of letters to the school from members of the community involved with the project:

Letter 1

Thank you so much for everything that you did this morning to support the bid. I was so impressed with and proud of all the children and staff.

Thanks to you and Leigh for braving the rain and taking the children out. This shows your resilience and speaks volumes that we want our children to learn from their surroundings and get out there whatever the weather! I thought Leigh’s forest school was simply brilliant and how wonderful for class 2 to be able to describe the industrial heritage of the forest to the children by standing on an old railway line!! Class three and Liz provided a wonderful lesson, and you could see all of the effort they put into thinking and talking about the project.

I am proud of Soudley School and our little stars daily. The ITV film ladies couldn’t believe how wonderful the school, children and staff were. A massive compliment from people who go around so many schools.

Thank you for being enthusiastic about this community project, and re-organising the week to accommodate and support us. I also noticed the additional support staff in school today, and all the parent volunteers – and appreciate that they came in especially.  I truly believe that the ‘gateway’ will unlock some brilliant learning opportunities for our children.

We now need to publicise our cause, between now and the 26th, so that we get votes!

Please pass my thanks to everyone who was involved.
In spite of the weather yesterday it certainly didn’t deter the enthusiasm and enjoyment of everyone who contributed to the success of the day!

Letter 2

It was a privilege and honour to be a member of such a hardworking team.

I reiterate every word expressed by Kate and Margaret and endorse their request to pass on thanks  to all involved. Your leadership and encouragement was a credit to you, without your cooperation  and guidance it could not have run as smoothly as it did.

We will make sure that all GB members are made aware of the outstanding commitment of all the staff and children also parents who gave their time too.

Thank you again. Absolutely splendid.