The dashboard shows the attainment of pupils at Soudley in comparison to other schools.

It does not, however, make allowances for the numbers of pupils in the cohort.

KS1 and KS2 2017

Due to small cohorts and Data Protection it would be inappropriate to comment on the attainment of children.

KS2 SATS 2016

A significant change is that in order to meet the standard now, all assessment criteria have to be met and across a range of evidence. Eg. not enough to show that a semi- colon has been used in one piece of writing, it has to show consistent use. Important to note that the tests being sat now are not comparable with past tests.

Attainment for this year’s Year 6 SATS: 1 pupil = 9%

100% achieved expected standard in reading

100& achieved expected standard in SPAG

72% achieved expected standard in maths

19% achieved expected standard in writing (teacher assessed) In maths 3 pupils were 3 – 4 marks off the national standard. In SPAG , 1 pupil was 1 mark off the National Standard.

KS1 SATS 2016

1 pupil = 8%

67% achieved expected standard in reading.

42% achieved expected standard in maths.

25% achieved expected standard in writing.



At Key Stage Two in 2015, we had 11 pupils that took the KS2 SAT tests. Therefore each pupil was worth 9%

At Key Stage 1 in 2015, we had 14 pupils (of which 2 were pupils with special educational needs). Therefore each pupil was worth just over 7%  All pupils achieved level 2 in Reading, Writing and Maths (100%!)