Meet The Staff

We are very lucky here at Soudley to have such dedicated, enthusiastic and competent staff who often go beyond the call of duty to teach and take care of our children to the highest of standards.

The staffing structure from September 2017 is listed below.

Head Teacher

Mrs Saron Hetenyi

Teaching Staff

Mrs Gemma Buckingham(Early years and reception)

Miss Simon and Mrs Hetenyi (Y1 and Y2)

Mrs Sarah Mclean (Y3 and Y4)

Mr Adrian Osborne ( Y5 and Y6)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Barber


Mrs. Cath Jones

Teaching Assistants

Bumblebees – Mrs Liz Chanbers.

Ladybirds –  Mrs Joy Gulliver-Brown, Mrs. Sara Hancock (SEN), Mrs Jo Snowdon.

Hornets –  Ms Jelf, Mrs Clare Beach (SEN), Mrs Lorraine Stanton (SEN), Mrs Mel Fox(SEN), Mrs Cath Jones (SEN), Mrs Gulliver-Brown (SEN) and Mrs Daniels(French).

Dragonflies –  Mrs Sue Barber, Mrs Cath Jones (SEN) and Mrs Jo Snowdon (SEN)

Administration Staff

Mrs Paula Penn

Mrs Cath Chamberlin

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Jackie Beard

Mrs Theresa Davies

Ms Laura Jones

Mrs Claire Lloyd

School Meals Catering Staff (Employed by Caterlink)

Mrs Vicky Hodder

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Karen Harris