Parent Forum

This is a half termly meeting between parents, staff and governors to share ideas and information. These open meetings have proved extremely useful in that they provide an opportunity for parents to ask any questions they may have about the running of the school and to gain information on curriculum or funding matters for example. Staff and governors can quickly gain an idea of the issues that are concerning parents and can consult on how to deal with them.

Please note that the main purpose of the forum is to discuss whole school matters in a constructive fashion. The forum does not discuss issues relating to individual children, staff or classes.

Next meeting 24th May at 6pm.

PF minutes 3 April 17

Pupil Questionnaire outcomes for March 2017

Minutes of Parent Forum 7.12.16

Non Negotiables for Parent Forum


Minutes of the Parent Forum meeting 21.4.16

10 things      Equality and Diversity       Home Learning and Peer Marking

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