Response to Ofsted

Response to OFSTED

The school was very pleased with the outcome of its OFSTED in November 2011. It reflected the hard work that had gone into improving the school from a ‘Satisfactory’ school to a ‘Good’ school. The report also showed 10 areas that had a judgements of ‘Outstanding’ , including the Behaviour , Safety and Outcomes for pupils at Soudley School.

The report also recognised some key areas for improvement.

Whilst attainment at Y6 in English was 100% at level 4 or higher, OFSTED highlighted the need to increase pupils’ opportunities for writing across the curriculum. Consequently we are more formally mapping out these writing opportunities and making sure that the features of different text types are consistently practised in a variety of lessons.

The judgement for Teaching at Soudley was ‘Good’ and there were several examples of ‘Outstanding’ practice. In appraising how the school could improve OFSTED commented that all lessons needed to “…make full use of the time available and opportunities to provide

challenge at all points in lessons”. Learning walks and observations will be used to look at what point pace slows in lessons and what we can do in response to improve this.

OFSTED gave an ‘Outstanding’ Judgement for Outcomes for pupils at Soudley and a ‘Good’ for our assessment procedures. The inspector could see the impact of these procedures and how we use the information to provide the challenge and support for individual pupils. However, they considered that we should also be more immediate and responsive in our assessments. Therefore, as staff and governors, we will be looking at how we manage more effective peer evaluation. This could enable us to more readily pinpoint aspects of teaching and assessment that we could develop, and so improve learning outcomes for the pupils.

Saron Hetenyi