SMART Targets

SMART Targets is a system that we use here at Soudley to promote responsibility and good behaviour amongst the children.

Each letter of the word SMART stands for a quality that we as staff and parents encourage our children to display.

SMART learners are:

Sensitive = Kind, gentle and helpful to others. We do not hurt people or their feelings.

Motivated = Hard workers who have a go. We do not waste time or give up.

Attentive = Good listeners who concentrate. We listen to instructions and do not interrupt.

Responsible = Careful with property and nature. We do not damage or waste things.

Teamworkers = Work cooperatively with other people. We do our best to solve problems together.

Each child has their own chart and is rewarded with a star each time they display one of the above attributes.

Once their chart is full they are firstly presented with a bronze star badge in assembly.

They are then given a new chart and work towards collecting stars for their silver badge and then eventually their gold badge.

The children really enjoy the challenge of collecting the stars and feel an enormous sense of pride when they receive their badges.

As a result standards of behaviour are very high at Soudley.

The school also reminds pupils about their behaviour if it needs to improve through the Sun and Clouds system.

Pupils’ names start off on the sun and they are given reminders and warnings if they are misbehaving which leads to their name being placed first on the cloud then the rain and so on.

They can earn their way back to the Sun through good behaviour.

If a pupil continues to misbehave then parents are contacted.

Our pupils have drawn up a Home School Agreement where they have explained everything!