Vision and Values

These are the Vision and Values of Soudley School

Each pupil knows what it is that they have to do in order to become a better learner, responsible pupil, happy member of our school and is encouraged to reach their full potential.

We, as staff members, know what we must do so that our pupils can become better learners, responsible pupils and happy members of our school and community and are encouraged to reach their full potential.

These Visions and Values sits alongside Soudley School’s policies and demonstrates commitment to the values and vision of a Rights Respecting School (Articles 2, 28)


We are a Community of learners

  • We all work together to develop and share our talents, skills and knowledge
  • We know how to be together
  • We show mindfulness
  • We have a right to be who we are and we show respect to others.
  • The school will play a central role within the locality where it makes positive contributions to create a thriving and sustainable community.
  • The school will promote the active engagement of parents with the activities of the school and for them to  make positive contributions to their children’s education
  • We will build good capacity to share expertise reciprocally with other schools and within our own staff to improve outcomes for children.
  • We will actively promote the idea of global citizenship so that our children are sensitive to others and show respect towards the environment.

Within our community of learners, we will encourage and plan for the following skills and attributes


Independence      Interdependence                Preparedness

Interpretation     Manipulation                       Extrapolation        Application           Prediction

Flexibility               Problem solving   Connectivity         Creativity              Perseverance

 Curiosity               Resilience                             Risk taking             Focus

A sense of being able to make a difference


We teach, guide and model good learning and behaviour

  • We develop deep and valued learning, resilient and engaged learners.
  • We are  successful  learners
  • We will be an outstanding school where all pupils make good progress and achieve their full potential.


We will have an economically sustainable 4 class system with successful on site Early Years Foundation Stage provision. Pupil mobility will be low.